Interested in personalizing your train platform layout? Wouldn't it be cool to be able to name your own town? Or have buildings, stations, signs, billboards and accessories that look like the local real-deal?
Imagine a fleet of vehicles fully customized, parked in front of a fully customized building, all reflecting your business or your custom town name.
We can customize your accessories with your company logo, or with any idea you have. We can also customize some vehicles, and trains depending on what you have in mind.
Do you have an old set that need restoration, rust repair, stripping and/or painting?
We can help with that too!
From full restoration to custom graphics - we can help give your train platform the look you really want to achieve.
Give us a call for more details, or to chat about your idea.
Pricing will vary per project.

CLIENT: Manns Sausage Company

PROJECT: Custom Paint - Yellow and Rust. Custom Decaling and Numbering.

PIECES: Box Cars. Delivery Trucks. Tractor Trailers. Factory Building.


PROJECT: Use of existing station building, modify signage with custom look. (Logos and Station Names)

PIECES: Train Staion Store. Freight Stations. Passenger Stations.


PROJECT: Use of existing buildings, modify signage with custom look. (Logos and Buildings Names)

PIECES: Banks. Police and Fire Houses. Car/Auto Buildings. Donut Shop.

AUTOS: Assorted Cars and Trucks

PROJECTS: Use of existing autos, modify signage with custom decals. (Logos and Company Names)

PIECES: Lumber Trucks. Delivery Trucks. Coal Trucks. Beverage Trucks. Box Trucks.


PROJECTS: Use of existing billboard shells, design signage with custom graphics for each company. (Logos and Company Names and Graphics)

PIECES: Billboards


PROJECT: Strip Paint, Remove Rust Damage, Rebuild Electrical, Repaint and Restore to Original Condition.